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Our Mission

is to provide Emergency and Disaster Relief Services and promote the healthy growth and development of the community. This would include Emergency Relief Services related to Arson.


A 17 year old Serial Arsonist tried to burn Two Rivers, Alaska off of the map. For 13 weeks he terrorized this community while he setting 11 fires; 9 homes (my Mom's home included) and 5 commercial buildings. During these 13 weeks the community lived in fear of who would be next until he was taken into custody by the Alaska State Troopers. The rural community of Two Rivers is too small to have a Fire Department and because of this many Insurance companies wouldn't insure most of these properties, so there is no Fire Insurance to help these survivors. In response I formed Two Rivers Strong™ a 501(c)(3) Public Charity to help raise money for these survivors to rebuild.

Our How

  • T-shirt and Merchandise Sales

  • Private Party Donations

  • Corporate Donations

  • Fundraising Events

How can you help?

Authorized Retailers

In order help insure that all proceeds from Two Rivers Strong™ merchandise goes to support the victims of the Two Rivers Arson Fires. We have established a list of Authorized Retailers that you can purchase our merchandise from.  Please ONLY buy from these retailers:​

Please Contact Us if you would like to become an Authorized Retailer.

Spotted Dog Prints

Two Rivers Outpost Cafe

(907) 799-7642

7435 Chena Hot Springs Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99712, USA


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